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Welcome to Wilshire Classifieds, where you can sell online for free, free real estate listings, free help wanted listings, free job listings, free event listings, free local advertising, promote your business with an online store for 60 days free trial period.

Advertise your business with an online store, Register and login, click on Storefront Subscription, Choose the subscription for 60 days trial period, NO SETUP FEES, No Hidden Fees, No Credit Card Needed.

Under my account, will allow you to customize your store to fit to your needs, no cost if unsold.

Online store pricing after 60 days - You choose each month, 10 days for $5.00 or 30 days for $10.00, NO SETUP FEES

PayPal Buy Now will let you sell online, you will need a PayPal account. PayPal does charge a small percent fee to use their services.

Message setting, offers a "private" setting for you to keep your email private.

Coupons One per customer, 60 days trial period.

Our site will allow you to customize your listing to fit to your needs.. no cost if unsold.

Beware of scammers

Never give out financial information or background checks over the phone for a purchase, job or rental information, look up the company you are doing business with and call them.

Wilshire Classifieds will NEVER call or ask you for a credit card number, we always use PayPal.

With PayPal, you can pay with a credit card or PayPal Account.

We do not ask for money orders or ask you to wire money thru Western Union.

Wilshire Classifieds will email invoices for balances.

If you need help setting up an PayPal account, just email us and we will help you setup an account.

Free Email accounts: Google, Yahoo and MSN have easy email account to setup.

Always Report - Scammers.

Be safe, if you buy anything-online use PayPal, they will help you with your order, if something goes wrong.

Report scammers to Wilshire Classifieds, your Local Police Department and the FTC.

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